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Head of PT & Gym Manager

What inspired you to pursue a career in fitness coaching?

After years of climbing the corporate ladder and managing my parents’ health issues, I made a life-changing decision to leave my high-paying career and to prioritize family first. It was during this period of caring for my parents that help me realized the importance of health and exercise. This experience inspired me to pursue a career in this field.

I’m particularly passionate about helping women in achieving their fitness goals and improve their overall health. There’s often a gap between women and fitness due to misconceptions about developing bulky muscles. I aim to bridge that gap by sharing my own experience of training for 10 years without bulkiness.

Ultimately, what brings me the greatest fulfilment is playing a role in helping people prevent or manage chronic health conditions, as well as supporting individuals in their rehabilitation journeys from injuries. My journey from a non-athlete to a fitness professional has given me a deep sense of purpose in assisting others in their pursuit of optimal health and well-being.

What are your passions and interests related to fitness and coaching?

Performance, inside-out wellness and pain-free movement.

It’s about feeling amazing and confident in your own skin, beyond external validations- stripping away the competitions, titles, and luxury brands. Let’s prioritize inner growth, self-acceptance, and empowerment. Together, we’ll uncover the essence of feeling “WOWnaked” and cultivate a lasting confidence that shines through every aspect of your life.

  • Performance Nutrition Level 1
  • Fundamentals of Fat Loss
  • Program Design Mastery
  • Reverse Dieting
  • Basic First Aid with CPR + AED
Body Recomposition
Fat Loss Muscle Building
Strength & Conditioning
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