Lean ‘N Mean

(Weights & Resistance Circuit)

Designed to build lean muscles to give you a healthier body composition and higher metabolic rate so you burn more calories even when resting. Excellent for tightening flabby areas while boosting bone health. Lean N Mean 101 is a full body workout for people looking to work on basic weight training movements. Lean N Mean’s Upper and Lower body split are perfect for those looking for a real burn. Try it out and unleash the warrior princess within!

Booty Pump

(Resistance circuit to tone butt and thighs)

Intense lower-body workout that targets the belly, butt and thighs to address the stubborn flab and wobbly bits that plague many women. A mixture of both endurance and strength-building exercises, you’ll be well rewarded with flatter abs, toned & shapely thighs and a rounder, firmer and yummier butt.

Triple A

Get bikini body ready with Triple A! An amazing fusion of ab-chiseling, arm sculpting and ass toning moves designed to ensure you feel the BURN. This fun but challenging, mat-based workout uses bodyweight and light resistance to create long lean muscles. Triple A is an easy to follow, low impact workout for all fitness levels. Say hello to washboard abs, toned arms and a perkier rear.


(Beginner/ ALL levels)

Get your heart racing with KOA’s Signature cardio class- SHRED SCULPT comprising of easy-to-follow workout movements that are suitable for all fitness level. Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner or a seasoned veteran, it’s guaranteed to get you sweating. Expect fun and “heart thumping” cardio circuits. Shred Sculpt is a full-body workout designed to keep you in the fat burning zone and tone your body and have you leaving KOA fitter and stronger. Sweat is fat crying! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get SHRED-ded!


Power (Intermediate)

Get ready to dig deep and push your limits, we’re adding more complex movements and weights to our signature Shred class. SHRED POWER is suitable for the intermediate to advance levels. Each class begins with mobility and dynamic warm-up, gearing you up for an intense circuit guaranteed to make you sweat. This class is an effective combination of strength and cardio, designed to challenge you both physically and mentally. SHRED POWER will get you lean, strong and fit, FAST.

Flow Strong with Robyn

Journey To Arm Balance

Students with a minimum of 6 months accumulation of consistent yoga/strength based practice are encouraged to join this Intermediate-level Power Yoga class which cultivates strength, balance and mindfulness to enable one to achieve arm balancing postures. This is a high intensity class that utilizes a combination of dynamic movement, static strength, stability, endurance and flexibility. Students who are suffering/recovering from muscle/joint injuries are not encouraged to sign up for this class.

Gentle Flow with Alia Lika

De-stress after a long day with a relaxing stretch to prepare you for a restful sleep. Gentle Flow yoga provides deep stretches with variations of poses. This beginner’s yoga class is great for people who are just starting out with yoga or anyone looking for a gentle stretch class. it moves through a series of poses that synchronizes breath with movement, heightening mindfulness and awareness towards your body. explore your mind and discover your body with Gentle Flow yoga.