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Why am I not losing weight in spite of cardio-ing daily?

By September 23, 2020September 24th, 2020Coach Highlights
Why am I not losing weight in spite of cardio-ing daily?

Like many of you, I’ve been on a weight-loss rollercoaster myself.

Well, as they say: “You need to burn calories to lose weight.” 

So tapping into my smart-ass brain, the easiest or fastest way to burn calorie is cardio – every single day.



And you’re asking WHY?!

My fitness journey kicked off with a 3-month crash training for my first half-marathon… and I went on to run 2 half-marathons a year for 3 years straight until my knees gave in. Only then did I stop running and cardio-ing every (other) day.

But the fact is that I was FLABBY all along.

As I delved deeper into fitness, I learned that if weight-loss is your goal, cardio is not a daily necessity.

We still cannot deny that you’ll burn more calories when you do more cardio. However, solely relying on cardio workouts is not the smartest approach.

The truth about cardio..

Many of us have had this wrong understanding about cardio being running, swimming laps or hitting the elliptical (hard!).

We think we aren’t doing enough cardio if our heart isn’t pounding hard enough, or if we aren’t drenched in sweat.

As I’d tell all my clients:

“On days you’re not training with me, play with your kids in the park, or go for a walk or jog around the neighbourhoodthat is better than nothing at all!

If you’re putting in at least about 30 minutes, and getting your heart rate up to at least 60 to 70 percent of your maximum, walks or casual jogs can help you get your cardio in.

So, how much cardio should you do to lose weight?

The bottom line is that if you REALLY LOVE CARDIO, by all means do it every day! But don’t push yourself too hard just to get the workout done. As this may compromise your form, which may lead to injuries. Be intentional with every move during your workouts.

AND! Definitely don’t neglect resistance training because it is indeed a powerful and important component to losing weight.

10 years ago, I jumped on the cardio bandwagon as a fast-track to weight loss but I know better now. There’s no shortcut to anything worth achieving – relationship, career, education, finance, inner peace and health/fitness included.

Strength training may not burn as many calories during your training.

Strength training may not burn as many calories during your training.

But, it builds muscles which in turn, boosts your metabolism. This means that you actually burn more calories even when you’re resting.


I’m not sure if you are one of those who want to lose weight while doing nothing, BUT I SURE AM!

With that said, let me present you the balanced scale of cardio and strength training. You’ll need to incorporate both in your weekly routine if your goal is to lose weight.

This is not only because building strength helps your metabolism, but also because variation spices your workout sessions up, which ultimately keeps you excited and helps you to stay consistent.

Here’s the final takeaway…

Sustainability is the ultimate goal in my fitness and health journey. So I urge you to realise that your goal is beyond the number on the scale, but to create new long-term healthy habits to #feelWOWnaked not just today or tomorrow, but for years to come.

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