Virtual Group Classes


Introducing our Virtual Group Classes!

Ladies, we’re bringing KOA to YOU! Now you’ll be able to join our KOA Classes, from the comfort of your own home 🙂

What to expect from a VIRTUAL CLASS?

Unlike other forms of virtual fitness—like IG Live, fitness apps or pre-recorded videos— you’ll be able to interact with your coaches & your pals! You get personalized encouragement & feedback from your coach on the other end of your screen (which means no cheating!).

Virtual Group Classes Packages

  • First Time Trial (1 class) – RM19
    (valid for 1 week within sign-up, one time purchase only)
  • 1 class – RM30 (valid for 1 week within sign-up)
  • 3 classes – RM87 (valid for 2 weeks within sign-up)
  • 5 classes – RM130 (valid for 1 month within sign-up)

What do I need?

Not to worry if you do not have any weights or equipment at home! We will be using things readily in your house as equipment – our coaches are very creative & will find a way to make sure you get a good sweat both with or without equipment.

What to use in class What you can also use
Light weights Small dumbbells, water bottles, shampoo bottles, heavy books, yoga blocks, canned food
Chairs Small stool, sofa, stairs, small side table, stepboard
Heavier weights Dumbbell, kettlebell, small barbells, detergent bottle, bag of rice, weighted backpack
Resistance bands Ankle weights. If you don’t have it, it’s okay. You may use light weights for added resistance
Workout mat Yoga mat, towel, carpet

Virtual Packages are limited to 1 per service (Virtual Group Class or Online Personal Training) per KOA member at a time. Multiple package purchases (of the same services) are not allowed.

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