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Founder & General Manager

At KOA, we understand the journey of self-acceptance and the challenges that come with it. Our story begins with a personal experience of struggling with body image and the pursuit of unrealistic ideals. We know what it feels like to battle with self-doubt and the relentless pursuit of a dream body.

That’s why we created KOA – a safe space for women to embrace their unique journey towards health and happiness. Our mission is to promote a positive mindset, focusing not only on body image but also on overall well-being. We believe that true health is not defined by a dress size or a number on a scale.

At KOA, we prioritize a sustainable approach to health and fitness. We advocate for a balanced lifestyle that allows you to enjoy life to the fullest, without rigid food restrictions or punishing yourself. We understand the challenges of maintaining a healthy routine amidst the demands of daily life, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

When you join the KOAmmunity, you become part of a welcoming and judgment-free community of women who share similar goals and struggles. Whether you’re a seasoned gym enthusiast or taking your first steps towards fitness, we’re here to guide you and make you feel at home.

Areas of Expertise:
Fat Loss
Strength Training
Life Coach
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