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Nutritional Advice
In-depth Body Assessment
Customised Training Programme
One-On-One Training with a Personal Trainer

2-weeks validity

Senior Coach


*Includes full-body assessment

Elite Coach


*Includes full-body assessment


8-weeks validity

Senior Coach


*RM180 per session

Elite Coach


*RM210 per session


16-weeks validity

Senior Coach


*RM160 per session

Elite Coach


*RM190 per session


24-weeks validity

Senior Coach


*RM150 per session

Elite Coach


*RM180 per session


KOA is a safe and incredibly welcoming space for woman. I was in KL for a month, signed up for 6 sessions with Jamie and am walking away stronger and leaner than when I started. Would 100% recommend KOA to anyone looking for a business that cares about your holistic fitness, not just about what happens in the session, and pays attention to the details.

Dhivia Pillai

Joined this gym since August 2020 and I am glad that I did. There are some exercises that I am not able to carry out due to past injuries, but I still get quality workout. Whenever I communicated with my coach on the exercises that I struggle with, she is quick to give me an alternative. I would recommend to all ladies that wants to either get in shape or maintain their fitness level.

M Y Woo

I stumbled upon KOA Fitness by chance, and I'm glad that I did! I feel very comfortable in this no-frills all women gym, without the need to look pretty or stylish. My trainer helps me to improve my body strength and overall fitness at a healthy pace. With gradual improvements, I'm motivated to stay on my fitness journey not just physically, but also mentally. So far it has been a great experience for me, and I always look forward to my next trip to the gym.

Nur Liyana Mahadzir

My trainer helped fix my hip injury and strengthened my overall body. We also did body-conditioning that really helped with my performance in horse riding. Also really enjoyed her programme and was very knowledgeable of each exercise. What really helped me push through was how supportive and understanding she was during our sessions. I learned a lot about healthy eating from her too. I was weak at the start so I'm quite impressed with the results.


I engaged a trainer for my #weddingbody as I am desperate with only 1.5 month to wedding. I feel very comfortable working out at KOA Fitness as it's a all-women gym. Noone judge anybody here. The vibe is very motivating. The trainer is good at coaching and guiding me on my workout & diet plan. Highly recommend this gym if you have your fitness goal too.

Constance Ann