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Head of Group Class & PT Coach

What inspired you to pursue a career in fitness coaching?

I chose to pursue a career in the fitness coaching field because it brings me profound fulfilment. Through my own personal fitness journeys, I’ve experienced not only physical progress but also remarkable mental and emotional growth. This has ignited a deep desire within me to help others achieve similar positive transformations in their lives.

What are your passions and interests related to fitness and coaching?

Fuelling one another to unleash the best versions of themselves. Embrace the strength of our KOAmmunity and embark on a journey where we defy expectations and forge our own unique paths towards health, happiness, and personal fulfilment.

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Specialist Performance Nutrition Coach L1
  • The Barbell Rehab Workshop
  • Barbell Rehab Low Back Pain Fundamentals
  • Barbell Rehab Strength Training the Post-Operative Client
  • Basic First Aid with CPR + AED
Fat loss Muscle Building
Strength & Conditioning
Special Populations Training – Pre-natal & Post-partum, Elderly
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