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Non-Scale Victories To Celebrate Today!

By September 13, 2022Gym Insights
Non-Scale Victories To Celebrate Today!

Here’s a secret we’d like you to know – the numbers on a scale isn’t as valuable as you may think.

Sure, the numbers you see on a weighing scale can be an indicator that you’re losing weight or that your health is improving. But in reality, it only paints a portion of what’s really going on!

Focusing solely on the numbers on the scale could only upset or frustrate you at your (perceived) lack of results. This is where non-scale victories can make a HUGE difference.

Non-Scale Victory – what?

A non-scale victory (NSV) refers to the small indicators that you should take into account when determining your fitness results. And we’re talking about indicators aside from your bodyweight measurements on a weighing scale.

You see, the numbers on a scale doesn’t take into consideration the other changes your body is likely making when you lose weight – addition of lean muscle, decrease of body fat percentage, or even the improvement of your mental health.

All these changes may go unnoticed if you’re solely focused on a scale as a measure of your success. Instead, you can create a truer picture of your progress by recognising the many improvements you’re experiencing day to day!

Why it’s important to celebrate non-scale victories:

  • You’d be less likely to get upset or frustrated if the number on the scale isn’t changing
  • It helps to increase motivation
  • It makes your health goals more holistic, and your weight-loss journey more three-dimensional
  • It helps you become more aware of the changes happening to your body
  • It can indirectly (but very effectively) impact your weight-loss goals

Reminder: It has never been said that you have to focus solely on the numbers on the scale to lose weight.
If you focus more on NSVs, the weight-loss will be more likely to take care of itself!

Now it’s time to celebrate these Non-Scale Victories!

Now it’s time to celebrate these Non-Scale Victories!

Your clothes fit better than before
Nothing feels better or more motivational than dropping down a size during your fitness journey. Noticing your t-shirts or pants fitting slightly different? That’s definitely a non-scale victory worth celebrating!

You’re in less pain
If you’ve noticed less joint pain, particularly in the areas in your body that are weight-bearing such as your legs & lower back, this is a sign that you’re losing weight! This in turn can make it easier for you to get the physical activity you need to stay active & healthy.

You’re feeling more energetic
Do you no longer need afternoon naps in between meetings? Or are you relying less on caffeine as a pick-me-up?
If you’re answering ‘yes’ to the above questions, then you go girl! Your energy levels are a key indicator of how your body is adjusting to your new fitness routine.

You’re sleeping more soundly at night
Getting good, uninterrupted sleep? Then you’re certainly on the right track!

Your mental health has improved
When you exercise more often, change your diet, and lose weight in the process, your mental health is likely to improve too.
If you’ve noticed any of these improvements, then it’s certainly a non-scale victory to celebrate:

  • Your mood is more stable
  • Your confidence has improved
  • You’re able to focus better on work/studies
  • You have an overall more positive attitude

Your skin is glowing
Do you notice your acne clearing up? Oily skin going away? Your complexion is simply glowing, looking brighter than before? Take this as a sign that you’re going in the right direction!

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