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4 Benefits of Hiring a Female Personal Trainer

By March 4, 2020March 5th, 2020Gym Insights
4 Benefits of Hiring a Female Personal Trainer

1. Who else can relate to the female body better than a female itself?

We often hear people say that women are complicated.

Are we? Yes, sure we can be, but it just takes a little bit more time and understanding on all parts. Let’s take for example PMS symptoms. It can be a breeze for many, but for some, it is a day-to-day struggle. Sudden back pains, lower abdominal cramps, headaches, mood shifts – this is just a small portion that we deal with.

Let me tell you, women are amazing, handling life as we go despite dealing with A LOT. There are many working mothers that handle the insecurities of their postpartum bodies, feeling inadequate or empty, all while managing day-to-day routines for their loved ones.

WE FEEL YOU. We understand that sometimes you just don’t feel like it, so what do we do?

It is our job to help you get back up stronger and align your goals. We do what we do best – relate and support.

2. Comfort space

Having a female personal trainer is just easier.

We know that personal training needs visual, verbal, and physical cues.

I don’t know about some, but I am sure not comfortable with my glutes being poked or touched (even professionally) while my squats are being guided.

Call us paranoid but we want our clients to be comfortable working out even on their period, without having to worry about running to the toilet out of embarrassment when they stain their pants. When you train with a female personal trainer, chances are we’d have emergency pads to spare, or even tights.

It is always easier to open up to female personal trainer regarding workouts, body changes and just anything else that is necessary.

Plus point –

it is always easier to open up to female personal trainer regarding workouts, body changes and just anything else that is necessary.

3. Programming targeted for the female body

Programming targeted for the female body

We understand the female anatomy better, because we are the same as you!

We know that males and females are very different, and this goes for our goals too. The basic principles of training may be the same, but we can’t ignore the fact that the female body matures earlier than our male counterparts. Therefore, introduction to strength training can begin earlier.

Females also have less muscle mass and are prone to de-conditioning if we are not training right. In KOA Fitness, our coaches experience range from:

  • Training teenagers who want to excel in sports
  • Improving the lifestyle for someone with knee and back problems
  • Pre, postpartum and pregnant women

Basically, we cater to all and you are not an exception.

4. Attention to detail

OCD much? You bet we are! Alignments, forms, posture and numbers. We need everything to be perfect.

Our coaches are very passionate about what we do and why we do it.

We know that alignments and postural development are crucial during training. Especially since most of our daily activities revolve sitting around a lot and being sedentary. This unfortunately can cause a lot of discomfort and aches to our body in the long run.

Very simple, we won’t stop till it’s right and you achieve the best version of you.

Attention to detail is IMPORTANT

Why the need for attention to detail?

This is to ensure no mistakes are made during training that could lead to injuries and imbalances in the future. No injuries means no downtime, giving you better chances of hitting your goals.

Personal Trainers are always there to help you with your fitness journey.
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