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4 Reasons to Start Your 2021 Fitness Journey with KOA Fitness

By January 29, 2020 January 5th, 2021 Gym Insights
Our KOA members with Coach Ambassador Linora

1. All female coaches who understand women’s bodies

KOA's team of all female coaches

As we are a team of all female coaches working in an all-women’s gym, there’s one thing that’s certain – we understand women.

Your relationship with your coach is very (for the lack of a better word) personal. Aside from speaking to your coach about your fitness goals, there could be certain topics you’d be more comfortable discussing with someone of the same gender. Period cramps, bloating, hormones; we understand your pain points. We can relate.

Having a female coach that you relate to makes things easier. This would not only increase your comfort level, but also increase the chances of you getting the most from your workout.

In reality, a female coach will not second guess herself about the programming she is giving you as she’d most likely apply the same methods and practices as part of her own fitness routine.

2. Workout programmed specifically for women

At KOA Fitness, all our programmes are designed specifically for a woman's body

A woman’s body develops and works very differently in comparison to a man’s body – men & women don’t necessarily train the same way, as their anatomies and hormones are very different. 

At KOA Fitness, you can find specialized programming and classes catered towards the specific needs of the female body.

The coaches are very knowledgeable about the female body. They give specific exercises and workout plans that would work best for each individual’s unique body and goals. For example with postpartum programmes, as every postpartum fitness journey is different.

3. Coaches dedicated to helping members achieve their personal goals

KOA Coaches discussing the best ways to help their clients achieve their goals

Every individual has their own personal goal they’d like to achieve, especially with it being a new decade! From weight loss, post pregnancy or toning up before the big day – our coaches have your back.

It’s pretty common for everyone to want to achieve those goals almost immediately. But when the goals aren’t achieved, you may be discouraged and regress.

This is where a coach is plays a huge role –

to help you set realistic goals that are not only achievable and to keep you on track to hit those goals.

4. Energetic and fun group classes to get the endorphins pumping

Energetic and fun group classes at KOA Fitness, guaranteed to get the endorphins pumping

Here at KOA Fitness, we offer a range of fun and intense group classes. Our group fitness classes are designed specifically to target the worry areas of a woman’s body, while getting your endorphins pumping. Perfect for you to attend on your own, or to drag a friend (or friends) along to!

Whether you’re cardio crazy or completely new to weights – we’ve got you covered.

Even if you’re completely new to the gym or recovering from a recent injury, not to worry! Just let our coaches know, and they will guide you through the class and offer regressions if necessary.



Here’s a description of the classes we offer, as described by our Class Director:


Are you the type that loves a workout that rockets your heart rate, includes multiple directional movements, and (just to add in a little zing) incorporates both bodyweight & light weights? If yes, then SHRED is your go-to-class.

We have two levels for this class:

SHRED – for those who are still experimenting on your fitness level.

SHRED Power –  for those who want an intense cardio session to kill off the bad day vibes, we got you.


Been doing a gazillion squats but those peaches aren’t peachy enough? Then this class is for you.

We start the class with an intense glute activation circuitutilising resistant bands of different levels, which is more than enough to awaken those glute muscles for proper engagement. We then move on to weights, using proper techniques for a variety of lower body exercises to keep those buns burning for days.


Small moves that packs a punch! Exactly what this class is all about.

We focus on small movements that targets the arms, abs & butt. Forget big compound movements in this class, it’s all about activating those small musclesutilising resistant bands, and small weight plates which will surely give you a burn with an added tempo to each movement.


Just as the name states, perfect for those who want to get strongerget toned muscles and feel like they are masters of their own body. KOA’s hot class that only uses machines and free weights – we not only teach you how to use the machines, we help correct your form and guide you through it.

As safety is our priority, this class is only run by personal trainer certified coaches to ensure proper techniques are used. If you are new to weight training, we have Lean N Mean 101 just for you. For those who want to step up your game, looking at pushing through the plateau threshold, we will see you in Lean ‘N Mean Upper and Lower.

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