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Why Should You Attend Classes at KOA Fitness?

By November 8, 2019 January 31st, 2020 Gym Insights

1. Social support

First of all, the Social Support in our KOA classes are out of this world.

Women come in various shapes and sizes, have different capabilities, personalities and strengths and weaknesses – and we love that. We respect all those qualities in you.

We know there is a huge amount of pressure from just being a woman itself – we constantly drive ourselves to a point of burnout, be it work related, family expectations or even personal life goal comparisons. We get so caught up in our daily lives, that we forget the importance of support and encouragement.

We see beyond those bad period days, those 3-hour sleep and the “why am I even here” voices in your head. Our coaches understand and empathise your rough days and will surely guide your workouts and make sure you make it through with a smile. But for those who are up for a challenge – we will bring the house down.

2. Target women’s difficult areas

We know what women want and we deliver.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, or petite. If you are looking to lose fat, get shredded or even put on weight. If you’re looking at a more focused butt workout of purely weights.

We have it all.

Expect to always have a good sweat session be it cardiovascular or feeling the actual burn in your muscles. You’re also able to reach out to our coaches after the class if you have any questions or concerns, we are more than happy to assist you!

3. Explore new movements

Lastly, you get to explore movements in a new way.

In KOA Fitness, we LOVE & encourage our members to push themselves to the limits (which often makes us question our life choices).

Our coaches are always up to the challenge to make you want more.

Every coach has their own signature workout movements – the “Coach’s Special”, which to some might be insane, humanely impossible or slightly over the top but hey, they always survive and come back for more!



Here’s a brief description of the classes we offer, as described by our Class Director!


Are you the type that loves a workout that rockets your heart rate, includes multiple directional movements, and (just to add in a little zing) incorporates both bodyweight & light weights? If yes, then SHRED is your go-to-class.

We have two levels for this class:

SHRED – for those who are still experimenting on your fitness level.

SHRED Power –  for those who want an intense cardio session to kill off the bad day vibes, we got you.


Been doing a gazillion squats but those peaches aren’t peachy enough? Then this class is for you.

We start the class with an intense glute activation circuit, utilising resistant bands of different levels, which is more than enough to awaken those glute muscles for proper engagement. We then move on to weights, using proper techniques for a variety of lower body exercises to keep those buns burning for days.


Small moves that packs a punch! Exactly what this class is all about.

We focus on small movements that targets the Arms, Abs and Ass. Forget big compound movements in this class, it’s all about activating those small muscles, utilising resistant bands, and small weight plates which will surely give you a burn with an added tempo to each movement.


Just as the name states, perfect for those who want to get stronger, get toned muscles and feel like they are masters of their own body. KOA’s hot class that only uses machines and free weights – we not only teach you how to use the machines, we help correct your form and guide you through it.

As safety is our priority, this class is only run by personal trainer certified coaches to ensure proper techniques are used. If you are new to weight training, we have Lean N Mean 101 just for you. For those who want to step up your game, looking at pushing through the plateau threshold, we will see you in Lean ‘N Mean Upper and Lower.

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